How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile or Status

Nowadays WhatsApp is on everyone’s mobile, if you can know which friend has seen your profile in your WhatsApp, then let’s see how amazing it will be for you. Because there is no way to check your profile pic in WhatsApp DP, who has seen your profile picture? So the users present in WhatsApp will be able to check by using this method, who has seen your WhatsApp profile and how can it be checked. I also check in this way who viewed my profile

It is a very good idea for us to send messages to our family members over our cars today through the website Phone Call Videos Call and Voice Calls There are different ways for the user to share his data with his loved ones. WhatsApp is one of the best ways and which we can easily have on our PC or desktop with the help of a QR Scan.

How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

In WhatsApp, in your friend list, or if you get a call or message from any other number, then first of all your eyes go to his profile. And you check his profile details but if you see any of your profiles then you will know at the same time that this person has seen my profile and which person Views my profile on daily basis. but this feature is not present in WhatsApp today I will tell you such a method if anyone follows your WhatsApp then how can you step or how can you keep an eye on him to see my profile?

But how can you tell if you are viewing your profile in your WhatsApp and tell her that you have seen my profile then she will be Haram upset how does she know that I have seen her profile?

And you must be thinking that are you worried about this profile and status on WhatsApp Who has seen a kiss and how can you know who has viewed my profile on my WhatsApp?

But if you think about such questions in your city then this article is for you. Older you to see if this feature is not present in WhatsApp Who viewed my profile some WhatsApp profiles also have that application and promise you Let’s come on WhatsApp who has seen my profile but unfortunately none of these work and give you wrong results.

To know who viewed my profile status on WhatsApp.

How come you can’t tell who viewed your profile on WhatsApp There’s no way to see who has viewed your profile on WhatsApp Where there is no WhatsApp in this, you have told this method itself that you get the list of statuses to whom you have shown in WhatsApp DP. But in this, you see someone’s profile but he does not know that he has seen your profile.

But you can control the rainy status of the scene when this profile is right last seen then you can adjust your profile picture last seen and according to your knowledge.

Now How to Check Who Visited Or viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

Click on the WhatsApp Settings option.

And as soon as you go to the >setting, here you will get the option of >account, click on the option of> WhatsApp privacy settings alert there.

  • Everyone
  • my contacts
  • Nobody

This will benefit you whether you want to show the status to whom is your profile picture or you can show your last scene to him, I can select the option as per my wish.

It will be very easy for Android phone users to know who viewed their profile on WhatsApp. You will find many such applications of drawing from the market which we can find out who you see in the afternoon but some of them work and some cheat you.

Whoever has seen WhatsApp, who has created this program, who knows what it is that WhatsApp and who else is watching you, and who is visible on your activity. Haven’t told anyone so many programs to go about this thing, so this thing is not free, whereas you get free ones here.

Here I am here you will get that thing, you have to use it and you have to use it mass secondary and your work will be done and people who have seen you recently on your profile Their list will appear in front of you that these people have seen my profile picture Your time table will also be shown with that person’s picture.

From here you can get the maximum benefit from this application and many you will get freedom today, on which you will make amazing.

  1. There is an app in the mobile Store from where you get the option to install it and from here you have it ready by uninstalling it.
  2. Before using this app, you must know that the Android application needs to be executed.
  3. Before using any Android application, it is necessary to pickle all the activities present in it. For this, you have to go to the security of your mobile’s settings, you will have to check all the ideas present in the device administration section.
  4. When Permission Will Do Your Love Now You Will Be Allowed To Smarten This You Click On The Big Word Screen Button To Start Scanning.

How to know if someone has checked your Whatsapp profile on your iPhone.

Everything that the app tells you, helps, those who are following you on your WhatsApp and keeping an eye on your activity, see your profile on a regular basis.

This is just WRevealar software works with most of the android applications but it also works sorry no android version is present yet For IOS 8 and WRevealer Using Fire, it is possible for you to see who is viewing your profile, your activity is visible, will show you all the details of WhatsApp to work on iPhone In this case, you should see who has seen the profile of WhatsApp, the easy way is to use it for 1 day, it works today or not, if it works for you, it is good if it is not for you then you leave it.

How to use WRevealer

Firstly it is not easy to use it but at this time it is not very easy to use it on your mobile And if you pay attention to how I was to make you small, that’s a great thing. Punjab Any program you start, you are shown the login page and on which you have to fill in your details you will have to log in to this call using the app, and very comfortable you will create an account and become Sainath and using this you will be able to know the details of WhatsApp. First, you go to your phone’s contact list, refresh it and go to WhatsApp

After that, you go back to the WRevealer and go back to the thing you were looking for, using the very search button. And here is how the report will be presented to you, we are not able to show it to you, help you here you can get the details of the time and phone number.

And you can save the details of this list to use in the future and know that here who has seen your profile, and who has seen the activity on your WhatsApp, can get all the details.

Now you can easily find out who is viewing your profile now you have learned if you like this formation feel free to share it with your friends also.


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