How To Get Sim Number CNIC Full Details

If your friend is harassing you with some other number then you are very upset do you get calls or messages from many fake sim numbers So today I will tell you how you can know the complete details of any SIM, its name, address, and address. Yes, you can get complete details of any sim You can easily see the biodata of any sim on your mobile. And if you want to know which person is calling you and want to get the details of his SIM, then you have to follow this method What I will tell you, with this app you can find the picture of the owner of the SIM through the SIM detail app, with great ease.

You can use up to 4 servers of the SIM’s database From where you can get the details of any number What I am telling you in this app, will give you the right result And the name and address of the person who will be the owner of the sim, the complete other details of the mobile will be shown to you.

How To Find Total CNC Number Details 

, if you want to know how many sims are active in your ID card, through this app you can also check activated sims. With the help of this app, you can get all the details of the CNIC number of any owner through one of your Pakistani It is very easy to use this app

When you get a call or SMS from the number you know, then you can do the complete details of that person, yes sir, who is getting the call from the wrong number at this time?

With the help of this app, the USSD code of all the networks is also present in this way and apart from this, you can get all the details of the call from this app. All operators of Pakistan mobile operator codes are available. You can know who is the owner of this SIM, its details are present in the data of all the information of 2022. And if you are using this app, even if you do not have internet, then this application still works, through this app, you can get all the details of SIM.

You get a call from an unknown number on any network in Pakistan So very easily you can see the details of who is calling you on your mobile. If you are using this app, then by just entering the number of that person in it, all his information will come in front of you with one click. You will know who is the owner of this SIM and what is its address.

how to check the sim owner’s name through the mobile number 

And with the help of this, people can do the details of any unknown sim number on any network in Pakistan, you are using this at the moment, you can find out their details from this network, whose sim is the owner.

If this SIM network is being used in Pakistan, then you can log in with the details of any SIM. Jazz, Telenor, Mobilink , Ufone and Zong.

You just need to dial MNP on your mobile with these networks in Pakistan And you have to send the user’s message to 667 in the text message. And god you have to pay Rs. 2.500 and select the network of your choice.

Whereas not every person is capable of a biometric system and cannot achieve this nizam so we can get the details of any other number through this code Through SMS through your mobile there are many such apps from which we can get the details of any sim.

The application of the website has been shared with you and from this you can find out the bio-data of any sim, who is the owner of this sim, where has run at this time and it can also find which city it is at this time.


And whatever application or website you will be told, open your browser.

Click on the search bar that you see and enter your number here, the number you want to search for all the details of the number will be shown in front of you.

How many sim networks are being used in Pakistan at the moment you can answer the details of the owner’s name only on the sim of the network only.

Jazz Sim 

Open the application of the massage and Type “MNP” Send it to 667

You will receive an SMS message that contains all Details including the SIM Owners name and CNIC Other Sim networks are Telenor, Zong, and Ufone This is an easy and complete way to find the perfect Details of the SIM card number And of these, which often work with all the gadgets and all the locations And you can get any unknown number or any person’s current address location.

It gives you accurate information I hope you all liked this article. And you will be very kind if you must share all this information with your family members and friends through social media platforms. Keep checking for more tech-related content on daily basis.


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