How To Set Colorful 4k Wallpaper In Android

Hello friends, if you want to give the best look to your android smartphone, you want to apply 4k wallpaper that too in color full screen.

Introduction :

Which you can apply to your smartphone’s home screen 4K wallpaper with colorful lights.

That is, you can change it according to your wish, you can work or increase its speed, you will be able to change that color and your mobile is going to go to the next level.

And your smartphone is going to look amazing but you can try it once on your smartphone.

And when you are applying that and if you touch your screen it automatically shows you some color And it seems as if the light like a Rambo in the sky is crying on your mobile screen And this lighting that all those colors look amazing, without touching any of your actions will be complete, nothing will be seen when you touch the finger on the screen of your mobile, then here there is a lot of colors like rain on your screen.

And if you are using any type of smartphone which is in Android version then it will look better as compared to the normal smartphone because the display of the technology of the smartphone works better and it is going to work well on it.

How To Set Colorful Live Wallpaper On Android

So let’s talk about how you can set Color Live 4K Wallpaper on your smartphone.

And if still, you face any issues then you can tell me in your mind I will try to solve it I will definitely help you.

Apart from this, if you want to ask about any other topic, then you can comment to me, I will guide you about it and this will let me know what is your technology, I can help as the situation progresses.

I will definitely share my experience with my audience and try to add them to perfection.

And for this, first of all, you have to wait 30 seconds down and you will whiten the link of the application there and you will set it live wallpaper very easily on the home screen of your mobile, the way I will tell you, you follow it.

Process :

Use this android app on your smartphone and you can be a loot open friend with lots of amazing wallpapers.

Now you need some settings to apply wallpaper on your home screen and you are done then you can set the color light wallpaper of your phone And as you touch your home screen, the same wave of colors will follow you As soon as you set this 4K wallpaper on the screen of your smartphone and wherever you touch the screen, you will see the performer well.

And simple, you have to open this application, wait, and permission will be asked, without looking at any issue, when you have to give it well Now you have to set this wallpaper, give the way on set S Wallpaper on it or more astonishing colorful background animation like the colors of all the colors will pop up in front of you, on clicking on which you will see a lot of more colors.

So if you want to set it as your home screen wallpaper, then only you have to see a rolled button on your left corner. You have to click on something else and on the sidebar you will see a slide on which you can set your wallpaper or not, you can change its color, you can increase or decrease its speed and you will also have to set many more settings.

With this apply button, you can set this colorful wallpaper as wallpaper in your android very quickly. And you can set it in both of your home screen lock screens or you can set it on any one of them. Now You Can See Your Wallpaper By Touching Your Screen, You Are Going To See Many Colors Joke Very Amazing And Your Android Smartphone Homescreen Will Reach look better If you move the screen of your smartphone from side to side, then you will see many colors as if you have work with

Rambo on your phone.  I hope you have liked this technology very much and you will be very kind, if you like then share this collage with your friends so that they can enjoy 4K wallpaper from it.

Thank you so much for today.


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