Top 5 WhatsApp Trackers to Track Others WhatsApp Chat 2023

WhatsApp is an essential part of the existence of numerous clients. We visit texts, pictures, recordings, and substantially more. In this stage, we speak with our family, companions, friends, and family as well as any other person we need to. For this situation, it’s critical to realize who we’re speaking with during most recent memory utilizing WhatsApp so we can put a small finish to it. For the sake of entertainment, it is vital to realize the one we invest the most energy in on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp trackers tracker applications that assist you with following WhatsApp exercises. These tracker applications are accessible for download on your telephone. While others track WhatsApp places and just screen talks. Others track online messages notwithstanding the date they have last seen.

Top 5 WhatsApp Trackers to Track Others WhatsApp Chat 2023


ChatWatch is a third-party app that claims to allow users to track the activity of WhatsApp contacts, such as when they were last online and how frequently they use the app. The app uses publicly available data from WhatsApp to provide this information, which is obtained by analyzing WhatsApp Web sessions. This means that in order for ChatWatch to work, the user must have previously logged into WhatsApp Web on the device of the contact they wish to track.

It is important to note that using ChatWatch or any other WhatsApp tracking tool without the consent of the person whose account you are monitoring is illegal in most countries and could lead to serious legal repercussions. Moreover, the data provided by ChatWatch is not real-time and might not be accurate.


Chat Watch is a tool that can be used to monitor and analyze conversations on various messaging platforms such as Slack, Discord, and Telegram. Some of its features include:

  • Real-time monitoring of conversations
  • Automatic detection of sensitive information
  • Customizable alert settings
  •  Reports and analytics on the user
  • Integration with other tools and platforms
  • Compliance and security features

It can be used for monitoring the internal communications in a company, or for online communities, to ensure compliance with regulations or company policies. It can also be used to detect potential security threats, such as the spread of misinformation or the sharing of sensitive information.

WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

WaStat is a WhatsApp tracking tool that can be used to monitor WhatsApp activity on a device. It can track messages, calls, and media shared on the app, as well as provide information on when the device was last active on WhatsApp. It is typically used for parental control, employee monitoring, and tracking of personal devices. It is important to note that using such a tool to monitor someone without their knowledge or consent may be illegal and considered an invasion of privacy, it is important to be aware of the laws in your jurisdiction before using such a tool.


  • Disconnected and online warning
  • It tracks more than one individual at a time.
  •  Time Following and examination reports that are definite
  • day in and day out help for clients through the application
  • Look at the information and report on two numbers

 What Screen Time Tracker

Whats ScreenTime Tracker is an application-based tracker inside the classification of efficiency. It’s ready to all while tracking online auctions as well as notices. Clients get moment notices at whatever point the allowed opportunity to use WhatsApp is reached. What isn’t only for WhatsApp? You can make in excess of 10 profiles without a moment’s delay.


  • Control of efficiency
  •  Day-to-day, hourly, and more itemized week-after-week reports
  • day-in and day-out client care in application to facilitate the application use
  •  You can likewise add upwards of 10 numbers to follow the internet-based status
  • A free application update to support execution
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use interface
  •  Limitless notice
  • Artificial intelligence-based highlights for photograph idea


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